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HELP - The site is designed to be user friendly.  But, if help is needed:
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  • Site access is available only to identified, registered residents.  Usually, registration occurs as part of closing on your home.  If you have not received your logon credentials within about two weeks of closing and need help registering manually, CLICK HERE *
  • Forgot your password and need help? CLICK HERE *
  • Like to change your profile (including password) and need help? CLICK HERE
  • Want to have your photos posted on the website and need help?  CLICK HERE
  • Like to perform a Site Search but need help?  CLICK HERE
  • Want to sign up (register) for select events online but need help?  CLICK HERE
  • Post a lost or a found item on the site?  CLICK HERE
  • Like to post to the Classifieds and need help?  CLICK HERE
  • Interact with the Message Board?  CLICK HERE
  • Post an Announcement of interest to the Community?  CLICK HERE
  • Like to file for a Homestead Exclusion and need help?  CLICK HERE
  • Locate and print a Variance Request Form?  CLICK HERE
  • Want to suggest Links to other websites and need help?  CLICK HERE
  • Help on how to "Contact Us"  CLICK HERE
  • Use the website Contact Us feature and select the appropriate addressee from the 'Send To' options.
    • Response may be slower but would be sent directly to your e-mail address.
  • The Site Search feature could also provide helpful direction.
  • For larger problems or more involved issues, consult the Message Board's Website & Personal Technology Help section.
    • Chances are that other residents need help on this same topic and can benefit from reading about your situation and the replies to your post.
    • All website volunteers and residents have access to the Message Board, which means you may get quicker -- and more -- responses.  You'll be tapping into a larger knowledge base.

  • Threatening, abusive, profane, and religion- or political-opinion content will be removed.
  • For your security, all content (except the home page) is password protected. This means:
    • Only identified community residents, with registered accounts, can access site content.
    • Your registered member account profile is secure.
    • You must not share your login username and password with anyone - including family.  All identified community residents are eligible for, and encouraged to obtain, their own registered personal account.
  • Please be patient.
    • Resident website volunteers are dedicated to making the site the best it can be.
    • It may take time for volunteers to respond to requests and implement changes.

Recent Page Changes

  • 8/25/2020 - Updated "Forgot Password" Help Page